Who Needs Conveyancers?

Conveyancers are necessary for anyone dealing with a real estate transaction (either buying or selling). Conveyancers specialise in property law and provide the legal documentation needed for a successful transaction, and ultimately transfer legal title of the property from one party to another.

A quality conveyancer will provide legal advice regarding property law and the land in question. This advice may include title searches, contractual obligations, payment arrangements, land tax searches, any caveats or encumbrances over the land, and council and state planning policies that may affect the property.

When buying a property your Conveyancer should:

  • Research information about the property including any utilities that may cross over or beneath the property such as water, sewerage, electricity, or gas.
  • Investigate any encumbrances and protect your legal interests;
  • Handle legal and council searches;
  • Secure the safe transfer of funds between you and the vendor, and calculate payments such as stamp duty, outstanding rates and water payments, etc;
  • Manage the purchase of property, and transfer the Land Title.

When selling a property your Conveyancer should:

  • Complete contract for sale and prescribed documents and attachments;
  • Complete the purchaser and price details;
  • Respond to any requisitions that the purchaser may make relating to the title of the property;
  • Ensure that all the relevant documentation is completed by the purchaser;
  • Manage the sale of the property, and transfer the Land Title.