Pre-Purchase Property Inspections

You need to know as much as possible about the property you are going to buy. Always remember “Caveat Emptor” – Buyer Beware !!!

All reports should be done prior to exchange of contracts or prior to the expiration of the cooling off period.

The inspectors should carry Professional Indemnity Insurance and be experienced in property inspections. And always remember to call the inspectors once you receive the written report to clarify any issues.

The following reports can be obtained :


Building Inspections:

  • Significant building defects
  • Safety Hazards
  • General condition of the property
  • Overall report on major problems

Pest Inspections:

  • Presence of termite or timber destroying pests
  • Report on past or present activity

Strata Report:

  • Reveals the general health of the owners corporation
  • Levels of funds held
  • History of structural problems
  • Disharmony in the complex
  • If any special levies have been struck or anticipated

Survey Report:

  • Location of any easements
  • Fencing irregularities
  • Encroachments

Building Certificate:

  • Provides proof of council approvals for the structures on the land
  • Prevents council from taking any action within 7 years to have the building demolished or altered.
  • Council normally requires a Survey Report to complete this certificate
  • Can be completed for part of whole of the property

Swimming pool inspection:

  • Checks pool complies with safety codes
  • Comments made on the state of pool equipment

Septic inspection:

  • Checks that the septic is in good working order
  • Complies with current council regulations
  • Service history (if available)

Geo-tech report:

  • Tests soil stability